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Teddy Boy Boogie Tab
song:Teddy Boy Boogie
band:Zombie Ghost Train
album:Dealing the Death Card

[i think crazy cavan originally did it]
tabbed by:Louie Mutant

song starts w/doghouse
intro but it is the same
riff as guitar piece
except w/a few triplets in it


then goes to


then when stu does 
the ooooo-oooo-ahhhahhh
thing play


figure out the structure
of the song yerself im too
lazy to count that much

i havent figured out the solo
yet and i dont really plan on
it but you can just play the 
main riff along w/bass line

any questions or if you want more ZGT
tabs hit me up

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About the artist behind Teddy Boy Boogie Tab:

Zombie Ghost Train is an Australian psychobilly band located in Sydney, NSW, Australia. The band formed with Stu Arkoff (guitars and vocals), Azzy T (drums) and Captain Reckless (bass and backing vocals).

In 2007, Azzy T left to pursue other musical ventures and was replaced by JM. To date, the band has released two albums, Glad Rags And Body Bags and Dealing The Death Card, as well as the EP Monster Formal Wear.

The band has toured Australia, Europe and the United States.[1] The band members, when appearing on stage, dress in "zombified" clothes, featuring tears and bloodstains. Each member has his hair in an extreme style of a quiff, teddy boy cut or pompadour. They wear zombie make up, complete with stitches across the face.[2]

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