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Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 23:12:04 -0500 (EST)
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: CRD: excuses.crd by Ten Foot Pole

Song: Excuses
Band: Ten Foot Pole
Album: Unleashed (1997)
Written by Ten Foot Pole
Transcribed by Luke Knox ([email protected]) e-mail me!

Chords used:
   Eb  C#  F#  G#  B    (* N.C. stands for No Chord, meaning  
                           don't play anything)

Eb            C#     F#             G#
It was the alcohol you said took away your common sense. You 
       Eb             C#         F#            G#
don't remember a thing, unconciousness is your defense.
          Eb           C#                F#            G#
It's everybody's fault but yours and now we must forgive.
       Eb               C#              F#              G#
How can we hold a grudge when you can't remember what you

did but
B           C#         F#             Eb            B
It's not so easy to forgive no matter what you say. It's not
   C#         F#   N.C.                   G#      B
so easy to forget, it won't just go away. It will never be 
    F#    G#      B            F#
the same. It will never be the same.
        Eb                  C#               F#
You'll never drink that much again, those intentions sound 
         G#          Eb                             C#
just great. And while I'm glad to see you've learned, I 
           F#                    G#         
think it's just a little, a little too late. It's 
     Eb           C#                 F#            G# 
everybody's fault but yours, and now we must forgive. But 
  Eb           C#                        F#             G#
how can we hold a grudge when you can't remember what you

did. . . .

Then just chorus twice, and that's it.

Hey, e-mail me if you have any questions, 
comments, requests, etc.


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About the artist behind Excuses:

Before changing their name to Ten Foot Pole in the early 1990s, the band included nardcore punk members Scott Radinsky and Dennis Jagard. The band released two albums under their new name with the old lineup: Swill and Rev. After the release of Rev and a split EP with Sweden's Satanic Surfers, Scott was forced to leave the band due to his professional baseball commitments and Ten Foot Pole's desire to be a full-time touring band. From then on Jagard, who had been a principle writer, took on lead vocals as well as guitar.

The next albums, Unleashed and Insider developed a new fan base but lost some old time fans who preferred Scott's voice, apparently including decision makers at Epitaph Records. The next album, Bad Mother Trucker was released on Victory Records, followed by Subliminable Messages on Go-Kart Records. Various musicians joined and left along the way, as the DIY band toured heavily in the US, Europe and Canada, including Eric Cody, Kevin Ruggeri, John Chapman, Dan Kelly, Chris Dalley, Keith Divel, and Mike Levy who is a Junior Varsity baseball coach for the Culver City High School Centaurs as well as a Social Studies teacher for Culver City Middle School in Culver City, CA. Lead singer Dennis is a sound engineer, who recently mixed live concerts for Prince.

The band has been in a hiatus, due to family and other priorities for some of the members.

Kevin Ruggeri is a member of the Canadian-based band Four Square. He teaches English courses at Conestoga High School, located in Berwyn, Pennsylvania.

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