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She Cries
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Sent: Sunday, January 18, 1998 9:59 AM
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Subject: CRD: she_cries.crd by Telegraph

Song: She Cries
Band: Telegraph
Album: 10 Songs and Then Some (1997)
Written by Telegraph
Transcribed by Luke Knox ([email protected]) e-mail me!

Intro/Verse chords:
    D   A   Em  A

For Intro: Play 2x
For Verse: Play 4x

    Em  G   A
Play this 4x

Order: Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Intro, Horn solo (verse
chords), Verse chords for outro.

Lyrics: (my own interpretation)
When I see her eyes, they can never lie. You know she cries to hide all
the pain and sadness deep inside. And time and time again, when she'll be
with her friends, they don't know just why but, when they see her they
can tell
she cries (Don't hold back, just go on. Don't let go, just hold on.)
(Don't hold back, just go on. Don't let go, just hold on.) Well you know
she cries. (Don't hold back, just go on. Don't let go, just hold on.)
(Don't hold back, just go on. Don't let go, just hold on.) Well you know
she cries!
When she sees that place, well then she sees his face. All the words were
spoken, and you know her heart was broke. I know it is still soon, but
time will heal all wounds. I'll always be by her side, I'll hold her when
she feels the need to cry.
[Chorus background part]

That's it! I hope you like what you see. Please e-mail me if you have any
comments, changes or anything. Thanx

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About the artist behind She Cries:

Coconut Telegraph[1] is the 13th album by American popular music singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett. It was released in February 1981 as MCA 5169 and was produced by Norbert Putnam.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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