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Onward Chords
Hello, this is my first tab that I have submitted, so please be gentle with me if
it's wrong, but I have strummed along with the song and it doesn't sound bad at
all. It's mainly designed for an acoustic guitar. Hope you like it!

Onward - Yes
Intro:  F, Bb x 2
Verse 1
F                         Bb
Contained in everything I do
          F               Bb
There's a love I feel for you
F                          Bb
Proclaimed in everything I write
           F              Bb
You're the light, burning brightly

Chorus 1
C                  Bb
Onward through the night
 C                 Bb
Onward through the night
 C                 Bb          F
Onward through the night of my life

F, Bb, F, Bb

Verse 2

F                             Bb
Displayed in all the things I see
          F                Bb
There's a love you show to me
F                               Bb
Portrayed in all the things you say
           F           Bb
You're the day leading the way

[Repeat Chorus 1]

F, Bb, F, Bb

Interlude: G, C X 4

Chorus 2

D                  C
Onward through the night
 D                 C
Onward through the night
 D                 C           G
Onward through the night of my life

G, C x 4,  Finish on G

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About the artist behind Onward Chords:

Yes is an English progressive rock band that formed in London in 1968. Their music is marked by sharp dynamic contrasts, often extended song lengths, esoteric, abstract lyrics, and a general showcasing of its members' instrumental skills. Yes uses symphonic and other 'classical' structures with their blend of musical styles in an innovative marriage of music. Despite a great many lineup changes, occasional splits and many changes in popular music, the band has continued for nearly 40 years and still retains a strong international following.

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