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You Light Up My Life Chords
Title: You Light Up My Life
Artist: Whitney Houston 
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Am        D	      G	  Em 
So may nights I sit by my window 
F#m(b5)     B         Em           E/G# 
Waiting for someone to sing me his song 
Am           D	            G	  Em 
So many dreams I kept deep inside me 
Alone in the dark, but now 
A	            A7 
You?ve come along 

             D  Dm7 
And you light up my life 
	   B	  Em 
You give me hope to carry on 
      Em/D  A/C#(A)
You light up may days 
	D     G     A 
And fill my nights with song 
Am          D	    G	Em 
Rollin? at sea, adrift on the water 
F#m(b5)	  B           Em      E/G# 
Could it be finally I?m turning for home? 
     Am      D	           G           Em 
Finally, a chance to say ?Hey, I love you? 
F#	   A	A7 
Never again to be all alone 
        D	     Dm7 
Cos you light up my life 
	   B	  Em 
You give me hope to carry on 
      Em/D  A/C# 	(A)
You light up may days 
	D     G     A 
And fill my nights with song 
Eb                 Ab/Bb 
   Nights with song...    With song... 
        Eb             Ebm7 
You light up my life 
	   C	  Fm 
You give me hope to carry on 
      Fm/Eb  Bb/D 	(Bb)
You light up may days 
	Eb    Ab     Bb 
And fill my nights with song

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About the artist behind You Light Up My Life Chords:

Whitney Elizabeth Houston (born August 9, 1963) is a Grammy Award-winning American pop and R&B singer, actress, film producer, record producer, songwriter, and former fashion model. Her crossover success opened doors for other African American women, to find success in pop music and movies.[1][2] She is frequently referred to as "The Voice"[3][4][5], and is known for her "powerful, penetrating pop-gospel voice."[6]She has been credited by various sources of having a five-octave vocal range[7][8][9], with published evidence to verify this claim.[10]Her voice has also been praised for its virtuosic and melismatic ability [11][12]and The New York Times called her voice a "technical marvel".[13] In the 1980s, Houston was one the first black artists to receive regular rotation on MTV in the network's early years during a white male rock dominated time.[14][15] Her debut album became the biggest selling debut album of all time for a solo artist (a record that has since been broken), her follow up album became the first album by a female artist to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200, and she had a record seven consecutive #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Houston continued her success into Hollywood in the 1990s, starting with the box office hit The Bodyguard. The soundtrack became the best-selling soundtrack of all time, and the single "I Will Always Love You" the best-selling single by a female artist and 6th best-selling song in history of music.[16] She continued the decade with other successful and culturally significant projects before returning to the studio. Houston is the fourth best-selling female recording artist according to the Recording Industry Association of America,[17] and is the "The Most Awarded Female Artist of All Time"[18] according to the Guinness Book of World Records. After Houston married former R&B singer Bobby Brown at the height of her career, rumors of drug and spousal abuse started to affect her career. This led to a decline in her public image and her album sales dropped during the 2000s. Her personal troubles and erratic behavior became more talked about than any of her music, with stories regularly appearing in the tabloid press. Houston underwent two drug rehab programs in 2005 and 2006. After a successful second program in 2006, Houston divorced Brown and gained custody of their only daughter. She has since been working on her 7th studio album with music mogul and close friend and mentor Clive Davis, who confirmed that the album will be released in November 2008.[19]

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