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Whats The Difference
D                                Em                    G
  Hey friend wake up I'm throwin'      rocks at your  windowpane 
D                        G               A
  Get out of bed,  I got   somethin' to say
D                       Em                   G
  Pick up a toothbrush,     sneak down your stairway, 
Em            A                 D
  You got no reason you should stay

D7                            G          A
  What's the difference if we don't come back? 
D                          G        A
  Who's gonna miss us in a year or so?
D                         G                 Em               
  Nobody knows us for the things we've been thinkin' 
Em              A                 D
  So what's the difference if we go?
D                                  Em                      G
  Hey friend, wake up! I'm throwing rocks at your window pane
D                                     G                  A
  But don't wake your friends They’ll probably start to cry 
D                           Em             G
  You leave behind all the dreams they had planned for you
Em                A                   D
   Don't worry, friend, they'll know why
D                                     Em           G
  I’ve followed your journey From the    beauty of childhood
D                                 G                 A
  To uniforms of flowers that you wear like some disguise 
D                                Em                G
  Until you can't hear them when    soft songs are sung to you 
Em                    A             D
  You're sleepin on a featherbed of lies


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