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October Skies Tab
Waking Ashland, October Skies
Tabbed By Mark Goetz
[email protected] for ?'s

G                                            Em7
Autumn brings a song I sing so desperately
These shattered dreams
From broken wings of love
G                                             Em7
October skies and city lights were all a blur
Dsus                                      Cadd9
And high tide came washing them away

I said


Alright, alright, alright
You make the calls tonight
Dsus                         Cadd9
I surrender, this is for real

Church bells ring
the North Star seems so far from me
Dsus                                                  Cadd9
The costal plane's is where my shame shall lay
Autumn trees they shed their leaves
to live again
Dsus                                     Cadd9
The cold air brings clarity to me...yeah

I said


Dsus             Em7              Cadd9
I, I've been running to nowhere
Dsus             Em7              cadd9
And I, I feel something's getting clear oohhh


|--------|    or something like that


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About the artist behind October Skies Tab:

Waking Ashland was a piano rock band from San Diego, California, signed to Tooth and Nail Records and Immortal Records. They formed in 2003 and released two EPs and two full-length albums. Their final lineup consisted of singer/keyboardist Jonathan Jones, guitarist Ryan Lallier, bassist Nate Harold and drummer Tim Very. The band broke up in mid 2007.

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