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Clouds In My House Tab
Band- Voivod
Song- Clouds In My House

Intro riff:

Note:  Bm* is an abbreviated Bm with an open B-string.

   Bm*             G

E --2----2----2----3--|
B --0----0----0----0--|
G --4----4----4----0--|
D --4----4----4----0--|
A -----------------2--|
E -----------------3--|

While playing the G, alternate with the Gsus4 on the first
fret of the B string:

    G  Gsus4

E --3----3--|
B --0----1--|
G --0----0--|
D --0----0--|
A --2----2--|
E --3----3--|


(repeat chord sequence twice for each line)

   A/E                          G/E

E --0--0----0--0----0--0----0----3--3--3--|
B --2--2----2--2----2--2----2----0--0--0--|
G --1--1----1--1----1--1----1----0--0--0--|
D --2--2----2--2----2--2----2----2--2--2--|
A --2--2----2--2----2--2----2----2--2--2--|
E --0--0----0--0----0--0----0----3--3--3--|

Zoning ...
Plasma ...
Piercing ...
Mainline ...


(mostly arpeggios here)

   (Am)     (D)

E -----0- -----2-|
B ---1--- ---3---|
G -2----- -2-----|   It's filled with clouds in my house...
D ------- -------|
A ------- -------|
E ------- -------|

   (Bm)    (Cm)

E -----2- -----4-|
B ---3--- ---5---|
G -4----- -6-----|   IT'S FILLED WITH CLOUDS IN MY HOUSE...
D ------- -------|
A ------- -------|
E ------- -------|

Repeat Intro
Repeat Verse
Repeat Chorus


   A5  A5    A5  A5    (D)
E --------------------------|
B ----------------------7---|
G --------------------7---7-|
D --7--7------7--7----------|
A --7--7------7--7----------|
E --5--5------5--5----------|

(This is the rhythm guitar; I haven't tabbed the solo or anything)

And then there's some major sevenths leading into the third verse:

  Cmaj7    Gmaj7

E --0---0----3---|
B --1---1----0---|
G --0---0----0---|
D --2---2----0---|
A --2---2----2---|
E -----------2---|

  Cmaj7    Gmaj7

E --0---0----3------0---3--|
B --1---1----0------1---0--|
G --0---0----0------0---0--|
D --2---2----0------2---0--|
A --2---2----2------2---2--|
E -----------2----------2--|

Repeat Verse
Repeat Chorus
Repeat major sevenths from end of Bridge

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About the artist behind Clouds In My House Tab:

Voivod is a heavy metal band from Jonquière, Quebec, Canada. Their musical style has changed several times since the bands origin. Starting out as a speed metal band, Voivod has added a mix of progressive metal and thrash metal to try to create their own unique metal style. Despite a number of band member changes over the years and the death of original guitarist Denis "Piggy" d'Amour in 2005, Voivod continues to record and tour their last release being Katorz in 2006.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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