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In Gods Hands
In God's Hands
Nelly Furtado

A            A            Asus                   Asus
I looked at your face I saw that all the love had died
      D              D                  A       E
I saw that we had forgotten to take the time
A          A         Asus                        Asus
I, I saw that you couldn't care less about what you do
               D             D
Couldn't care less about the lies
               A               E
You couldn't find the time to cry

Bm      C#m           Dm         [all bar chords]
We forgot about love
Bm      C#m           Dm         
We forgot about faith
Bm      C#m           Dm         
We forgot about trust
D                 E            [all bar chords]
We forgot about us

A             E      D     E 
Now our love's floating out the window
         A             E      D     E
Our love's floating out the back door
         A            E      D     F#m
Our love's floating up in the sky in heaven
Bm             E                   F#m, E, A
Where it began back in God's hands

A           A       Asus                   Asus
You said that you had said all that you had to say
          D              D             A       E
You said baby it's the end of the day

Bm      C#m        Dm         
And we gave a lot 
Bm      C#m        Dm         
but it wasn't enough
Bm      C#m        Dm         
We got so tired 
D                  E
that we just gave up

Bm                 F#m
We didn't respect it
Bm                 F#m
We went and neglected it
Bm                 F#m
We didn't deserve it
G [bar]    Bm          E
But I never expected this

A           E             D     E
Our love floated out the window
       A           E             D     E
Our love floated out the back door
       A           E             D     F#m
Our love floated up in the sky to heaven
Bm             E
It's part of a plan
                             F#m, E, A
It's back in God's hands
                             F#m, E, A
Back in God's hands

F#m         E       A
It didn't last
F#m         E       A
It's a thing of the past
F#m         E       A
Oh we didn't understand
F#m         E       A
Just what we had
F#m         E       A
Oh I want it back
F#m         E       A
Just what we had
F#m         E       A
Oh I want it back
F#m         E       A
Oh just what we had

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About the artist behind In Gods Hands:

Nelly Kim Furtado (born December 2, 1978) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, record producer, actress and instrumentalist, who also holds a Portuguese citizenship.[1]

Furtado came to fame in 2000 with the release of her debut album Whoa, Nelly!, which featured her breakthrough Grammy Award-winning single "I'm like a Bird". After becoming a mother and releasing the less commercially successful Folklore (2003), she returned to prominence in 2006 with the release of Loose and its hit singles "Promiscuous", "Maneater", "Say It Right", and "All Good Things (Come to an End)". Furtado is known for experimenting with different instruments, sounds, genres, vocal styles and languages. This diversity has been influenced by her wide-ranging musical taste and her interest in different cultures.[2][3]

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