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Just Let Me Say Chords
Intro: F C Dm C Bb C F C7

                   F              C         Dm-C
Just let me say how much I love you
              Bb                  Gm            C
Let me speak of your mercy and grace
                   F                  C                     Dm-C
Just let me live in the shadow of your beauty
            Bb        Gm         C
Let me see you face to  face
               Am                                 Dm
And the earth will shake as Your word goes forth
                Gm                                 C
And the heavens can tremble and fall
                   F             C       Dm
But let me say how much I love you
C         Bb                C             F          C-Bb-C
O my Savior,. My Lord and friend

                     F              C         Dm-C
Just let me hear your finest whispers
              Bb     Gm         C
As you gently call my name
                   F               C                      Dm-C
And let me see your power and Your glory
            Bb            Gm        C
Let me feel your Spirit's flame
            Am                     Dm
Let me find You in the desert
           Bb              Gm     C
'Til this sand this holy ground
                  F            C                   Dm-C     Bb          C             F 
and I am found completely surrendered to you my Lord and friend
*change key*
                G             D         Em       D
So let me say how much I love you
                      C        Am        D
With all my heart I long for you
 G                                      D             Em         D
For I am caught in this passion of knowing
                       C             Am        D
This endless love I've found in You
                Bm                             Em
And the depth of grace, the forgiveness found
              C           Am           D -D7
To be called the child of God
                        G-D                   Em           D
Just make me say how much I love you
               C              D              G
O my Saviour, my Lord and friend
                        G            D        Em   D
Just make me say how much I love you
               C               D            G
O my Saviour, my Lord and friend

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About the artist behind Just Let Me Say Chords:

United States Live was the third album release by avant-garde singer-songwriter Laurie Anderson. Released as a five-LP box set (later reissued on four CDs), United States Live was recorded at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City in February 1983.

United States was Anderson's magnum opus performance art piece featuring musical, spoken word, and animated vignettes about life in America. Segments ranged from humorous, such as "Yankee See" which gently chided Anderson's record label Warner Brothers for signing her in the first place, to the apocalyptic anthem "O Superman" which had been an unexpected Top 10 hit for Anderson on the UK music charts in 1981.

Originally, United States (which was originally titled America on the Move) was presented over the course of two nights, running some eight hours. The United States Live box set is a truncated rendering of the performance, omitting many segments that were solely of a visual nature.

Among the songs performed on the album was "Language is a Virus (from Outer Space)", a pop-like song based upon a phrase attributed to William S. Burroughs. Anderson would later perform a modified arrangement of the song in her 1986 concert film, Home of the Brave.

Although Anderson has since created numerous other major performance pieces (i.e. Moby-Dick, Stories from the Nerve Bible, Happiness, The End of the Moon), United States Live remains, to date, the only serious attempt at producing anything approaching a full-length recording of any of these performances, although her previous album Big Science and her segment of the compilation You're the Guy I Want to Share My Money With consisted of studio-recorded excerpts from United States.

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