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Crime In The City
Firstly this song is played down a step ie tuned down.
With standard tuning = EADGBE,

Then CITC tuning = DGCFAD (to be in tune with the CD)
So the chords played are Bm & G, not Am & F but tuned down, if you get my drift..

Play Bm with the index finger over the E & B strings, 2nd fret and the thumb over the 
E string, 2nd fret.

This is played, picking the notes while playing the chords.
If you play this in standard tuning it will be a step too high. But tuned down, it will 
in tune with the Freedom version.

E ---2--2--0--2--2--0--3----2-----------------------3---|
B ---3-----------------0----3--3--2--3--2--0--2--0--0---|
G ---4-----------------0----4-----------------------0---|
D ---4-----------------0----4-----------------------0---|
A ---2-----------------2----2-----------------------2---|
E ---2-----------------3----2-----------------------3---|
    Bm                 G   Bm                       G

E ---2--2--0--2--0--2--3----2-----------------------3---|
B ---3-----------------0----3--3--2--3--2--0--2--0--0---|
G ---4-----------------0----4-----------------------0---|
D ---4-----------------0----4-----------------------0---|
A ---2-----------------2----2-----------------------2---|
E ---2-----------------3----2-----------------------3---|
    Bm                 G   Bm


Bm        A*
     224432    222222(Bar)
      ^^^^      ^^^^
     ^ = emphasis on these strings while struming


     Bm A* Bm   4x
     Bm A* G    2x

Bm                     Bm  A*   G
     Well, the cop made the showdown
             Bm                  Bm  A*  G
     He was sure he was right
            Bm                  Bm  A*  G
     He had all of the lowdown
               Bm                     Bm  A* G   
     From the bank heist last night
                                     A  Em
     His best friend was the robber
                                A   Em
     And his wife was a thief
                                     A   Em
     All the children were killers
                                   A   G
     They couldn't get no relief
                                   A   G
     The bungalow was surrounded
                                   A   G
     When a voice loud and clear
                                           A   G
     Said, Come on out with your hands up

Or we'll blow you out of here.
                                      Bm  A*
     There was a face in the window
               G      Bm   A*
     The TV cameras rolled
                G              Bm    A*
     Then they cut to the announcer
                G              Bm  A*    G      A
     And the story was told.

Bm  A*   Bm

The artist looked at the producer
     The producer sat back
     He said what we have got here
     Is a perfect track
     But we don't have a vocal
     And we don't have a song
     If we could get these things accomplished
     Nothin' else could go wrong.
     So he balanced the ashtray
     As he picked up the phone
     And said send me a songwriter
     Who's drifted far from home
     And make sure that he's hungry
     Make sure he's alone
     Send me a cheeseburger
     And a new Rolling Stone.

There's still crime in the city,
     Said the cop on the beat,
     I don't know if I can stop it
     I feel like meat on the street
     They paint my car like a target
     I take my orders from fools
     Meanwhile some kid blows my head off
     Well, I play by their rules
     That's why I'm doin' it my way
     I took the law in my hands
     So here I am in the alleyway
     A wad of cash in my pants
     I get paid by a ten year old
     He says he looks up to me
     There's still crime in the city
     But it's good to be free.

D    A    G    A

Now I come from a family
     That has a broken home
     Sometimes I talk to Daddy
     On the telephone
     When he says that he loves me
     I know that he does
     But I wish I could see him
     I wish I knew where he was
     But that's the way all my friends are
     Except maybe one or two
     Wish I could see him this weekend
     Wish I could walk in his shoes
     But now I'm doin' my own thing
     Sometimes I'm good, then I'm bad
     Although my home has been broken
     It's the best home I ever had

D    A    G    A

Well, I keep gettin' younger
     My life's been funny that way
     Before I ever learned to talk
     I forgot what to say
     I sassed back to my mom
     I sassed back to my teacher
     I got thrown out of Bible school
     For sassin' back at the preacher
     Then I grew up to be a fireman
     Put out every fire in town
     Put out anything smokin'
     But when I put the hose down
     The judge sent me to prison
     He gave me life without parole
     Wish I never put the hose down
     Wish I never got old.
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About the artist behind Crime In The City:

Neil Percival Young[1] OM (born November 12, 1945, Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician and film director.

Young's work is characterized by deeply personal lyrics, distinctive guitar work, and signature nasal tenor singing voice. Although he accompanies himself on several different instruments—including piano and harmonica—his style of claw-hammer acoustic guitar and often idiosyncratic soloing on electric guitar are the linchpins of a sometimes ragged, sometimes polished sound. Although Young has experimented widely with differing music styles, including swing, jazz, rockabilly, blues, and electronic music throughout a varied career, his best known work usually falls into either of two distinct styles: folk-esque acoustic rock (as heard in songs such as "Heart of Gold", "Harvest Moon" and "Old Man") and electric-charged hard rock (in songs like "Cinnamon Girl", "Rockin' in the Free World" and "Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)"). In more recent years, Young has started to adopt elements from newer styles of music, such as industrial, alternative country and grunge, the latter of which was profoundly influenced by his own style of playing, often bringing him the title of "the godfather of grunge".

Young has directed (or co-directed) a number of films using the pseudonym Bernard Shakey, including Journey Through the Past (1973), Rust Never Sleeps (1979), Human Highway (1982), and Greendale (2003).[2]

He is also an outspoken advocate for environmental issues and small farmers, having co-founded the benefit concert Farm Aid, and in 1986 helped found The Bridge School,[3] and its annual supporting Bridge School Benefit concerts, together with his wife Pegi.

Although Young sings frequently about U.S. legends and myths (Pocahontas, space stations, and the settlement of the American West),[4] he remains a Canadian citizen and has never wanted to relinquish his Canadian citizenship. He has lived in the U.S. for "so long" and has stated, about U.S. elections, that he has "got just as much right to vote in them as anybody else."[5]

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