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Looking Back
Looking Back:Nat King Cole.
#2 R&B and #5 on BB Hot 100 on
CAPITOL Records in 1958.


Bb7     Eb   Eb9  Eb Eb7         Ab
Looking back over my life, I can see
        Abdim      Eb
where I caused you strife.
Bb7   Eb        Eb9  Eb Ab        F7
But I know, oh, yes, I  know, I'd never
          Cm7     F7    Bb7
make that same mistake again.

Bb7     Eb   Eb9  Eb Eb7          
Looking back over my deeds, I can see
Ab      Abdim    Eb
signs a wise man heeds.
Bb7    Eb     Eb9 Eb  Ab          F7
And if I just had the chance, I'd never
          Bb7           Eb      
make that same mistake again.

Ab                  Eb           Bb7
Once my cup was overflowing..but I gave
Gdim    Bb7  Eb   Ebmaj7 Eb7  
nothing in return.
Ab     Fm7            Eb   C7
Now, I can't begin to tell you, what a
F7     Dbdim F7   Bb7 
lesson I     have learned.

Bb7     Eb   Eb9  Eb  Eb7     
Looking back over the slate, I can 
Ab  Abdim          Eb
see love turned to hate.
Bb7   Eb        Eb9 Eb Ab  
But I know, oh, yes I  know,
    F7              Bb7           Eb   Ab Eb
I'd never make that same mistake again.

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.

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About the artist behind Looking Back:

Nathaniel Adams Coles (March 17, 1919 – February 15, 1965), known professionally as Nat King Cole, was a popular American jazz singer-songwriter and pianist.

Cole first came to prominence as a leading jazz pianist, then switched his emphasis to singing, becoming one of the most popular and best known vocalists of all time.[citation needed]

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