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Reap The Wild Wind Chords
Reap the Wild Wind
(One semitone lower then the original, easier for me to play)

Dm:Reap the wild F:wind
Dm:Reap the wild F:wind

a Dm:finger points to Am:show a scene
Bb:take my C7:hand
Bb/D:take my C7/E:hand, an-
Dm:other face where Am:mine had been
Bb:take my C7:hand
Bb/D:take my C7/E:hand, an-
Dm:other footstep where Am:I once walked
Bb:take my C7:hand
Bb/D:take it C7:all
F:you take my hand and give me...
...the rest to die

C:I have G:seen in 
C:Times gone F:by
C:I have G:felt
Csus4:A different shadow on C:the wall
C7:A stranglehold on a certain feeling

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About the artist behind Reap The Wild Wind Chords:

Ultravox (formerly Ultravox!) was a British New Wave band that rose to prominence in the early 1980s. They were one of the primary exponents of the British electronic pop music movement of the early 1980s. The band was particularly associated with the New Romantic movement, although it both pre- and post-dated New Romanticism by several years.

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