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New Europeans Chords
New Europeans


Am                       E            F                   Am
In a quiet street washed by the rain, the room within the home.

Am                E               F                      Am
A lonely man sits cheek to cheek, with unique designs in chrome.

Dm               F                  C               Dm
The mellow years have long gone by, but now he sits alone.

Dm             Bb         C                  E      Am
He has a brand new radio, but never turns it on. 


F           Am
New Europeans.
Young Europeans.
F           E
New Europeans.

Am              E            F               Am
A photograph of lovers lost, lies pressed in magazines.

Am              E                    F                          Am
Her eyes belong to a thousand girls, she's the wife who's never seen.

Dm             F             C                     Dm
Their educated son has left, in search of borrowed dreams.

Dm               Bb          C                  E          Am
His television's in his bed, he's frozen to the screen.

During Solo:

Am                 E                  F                      Am
On a crowded beach washed by the sun, he puts his headphones on.

Am                   E                F            Am
His modern world revolves around the synthesizer's song.

Dm             F                     C                 Dm
Full of future thoughts and thrills, his senses slip away.

Dm              Bb         C           E
He's a European legacy, a culture for today.

Young Europeans.

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About the artist behind New Europeans Chords:

Ultravox (formerly Ultravox!) was a British New Wave band that rose to prominence in the early 1980s. They were one of the primary exponents of the British electronic pop music movement of the early 1980s. The band was particularly associated with the New Romantic movement, although it both pre- and post-dated New Romanticism by several years.

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