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Stop And Smell Thee Roses
Stop and smell the roses chords

                     C                 F
Not to say were not fortunate to be born
                    C                F
to a world that encourages us to grow
    Am                G                F       G
but sometimes perpetual motion moves so slow

C                             F
Hunger for a change of scenery
          C                      F
you drive North in search of snow
were you prepared for certain shadows
G             F                   G
to follow you everywhere that you go

F  G  Am  F  G  C

     C                    F 
your body's been decaying all this time
    C                        F
and now it finally starts to show
and are you having second thoughts
G                        F       G
about that path that you chose

Now that the fire in your eyes 
has burned down like coals
     C                   F
to a warm consistent glow
well hey that smoke has cleared
    G                        F       G
you regained the use of your nose

So take take a second now 
   G                       Am
to stop and smell the roses
              F                     G
just like you never thought you had time 
but always thought that you should
             F                   G               Am
At least for now it okay to take life in smaller doses
Something new has come to town 
seems like he's doing you good

         C             F
And I've come to a new town
     C                      F
yeah sure it's somewhat the same
it feels good to be aware of
              G              F                 G
but still not focused on the cause behind that pain

     C                         F
And sometimes when the mood is right it feels
      C                        F
like every inch and nothings changed
             Am                  G
but in some way that not for one second
has stayed the same

       F (stop)
So you remember to eat dinner

remember to feel better
remember your friends
they'll think that you forgot them
       F                 G
if you only write secret letters
C               F
Remember not to focus on 
      C                 F
those feelings that you lack
    Am              G                       C  F  C
You just might give yourself a heart attack
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