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Nightlights I
Nightlights I by Nana Grizol

The chords are played like this

   E         A          B
E|---|    E|---|     E|---|
B|---|    B|---|     B|---|
G|-4-|    G|-2-|     G|-4-|   
D|-6-|    D|-2-|     D|-4-|
A|-7-|    A|-4-|     A|-6-|
E|-0-|    E|-5-|     E|-7-|

Listen to the song here for timing


        E                                A      B
And you said you felt a change was coming near 
E                           A       B
I said “nothing ever changes here.” 
and so we watched for shooting stars 
   A                   B
we caught some in the shining shower 
       E                           A     B
In the morning I will never be the same 

E    A  B     E    A  B

E                                        A     B
There are trees that grow up higher than, some 
E                                     A    B
I start to believe you’re one of them, 
who wonders where I am tonight 
    A              B
who lingers longer in my sight 
    E                              A
who gives me one more reason to be happy 
(to go home) 

E    A  B     E    A  B

        E                               A    B
But you never used to worry like you do; 
   E                                                  A        B
at least before it was for things that could possibly be true. 
But this was never meant to be a 
A                 B
bargain for your sympathy, it’s 
E                                   A   B
just that world sits heavy on your shoulders 
now you’re terrified of telephones 
          A             B
as we grow older never slower, yeah 

E    A  B     E    A  B

E                               A     B
We explored the halls of heroes past; 
E                            A      B
all we found inside were autographs 
and so I picked up one or two 
    A                   B
but I still can’t tell what they do: 
  E                               A     B     
I think I will return them in the morning

E    A  B     E    A  B
E    A  B     E    A  B

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Quick tip, so you can enjoy Nightlights I even more:

If you don't really know how to deal with "Absus4" chord and his equally confusing brothers, just put the mouse cursor over them and you will be shown a helpful chord diagram.

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