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Grady And Dubose
A F#m E (x2)

A                               F#m
Try to take nothing for granted
     E                             D
like breakfast, and breathing, and short term memory
A                             F#m
Sometimes it gets so cold you almost cant stand it
     E                             D
to remember is to be reminded so insensitively

        Bm                         D
But its hard not being told who to be
    Bm                             D                E
The tradeoff is incredible just to feel that you're free

    A                            F#m
The best trapeze artists perform with no nets
        E                      D
No one ever won a jackpot on a gentleman's bet
      A                                        F#m
Yeah, you wake up from your best dream just to find your bed wet
     E                         D                 E
What life ever comes without a hint of regret?

           A                            F#m
So you can drive to Indiana, visit your metal friends in Savanna
   E                   D
Or fly to England on a plane
        A                          F#m
And no, no one can say that you are far away
          E                                  D
There are memories, warm feelings which will always remain

     Bm                             D
Like college radio late nights, and heart to hearts, curbsides
    A                               E
The sheer beauty of which there are not words to explain

    A                          F#m
The ghosts in the attic sure beat TV static
        E                   D
We were up all night, quite close to insane
    Bm                              D            E            A
And all the time learning from each other how to keep out the rain

A           E       F#m 
we do not demand surrender
    D       A      F#m    E
its not the reason why we came
F#m G           Gm       D
all we ask is, "may we enter?"
    G          Gm         D       A   Bm
and wonder, is everything okay?

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