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No capo 
(All cords and tab relative to capo)


[Verse 1]
Well this is real talk
This is not on-star
        F                    C      G
It is looped now tongue and mind.
Played off the sidewalk,
straight to your boombox,
          F                 C  G
how it travels from ear to memory.
Well this is medicine,
there's a message with in,
        F              G              C
and I hope each will find there own kind.

Riff x 3

(This repeats for the next three verses)

[Verse 2]
Well I was listening,
to the outgoing season
         F                            C G
about climate change and some of the reasons,
                C                     C7
when the sky opened, like I'd been hope'n
                  F            C   G
and there came horses by the thousands
and there was thunder on their tongues
and lightning on their minds
            F                G
and they singing this old melody
from some other time

[Chorus] x2
            F     G        C  CB  Am
They sang don't waste your H - at  - e.
          F    G   C   CB  Am
Rather gather and  cr - ea  - te
        F                     G
Be a service, be a sensible person.
           C        CB        Am
Use your words and don't be nervous.
         F        G           C
You can do this you've got purpose.
  F            G       C
Find your medicine and use it.
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