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Space Child Tab
UFO (Phenomenon)
Submitted by Kevin Murphy

intro/main riff
E-10-7--10-7- --------------|
B- ----- ----10--8-7----7---|
G- 0---- 0-0- --------7---9-|
D- ----- ---- 0--0-0--0-0---|
A- ----- ---- --------------|
E- ----- ---- ------------0-|

E-10-7--10-7- --------------|
B- ----- ----10-8-7---7-----|
G- 0---- 0-0- ------7---7-9-|
D- ----- ---- 0-0-0-0-0-0---|
A- ----- ---- --------------|
E- ----- ---- ------------0-|

Em                                             A
Goin' through pages and lookin' down lines and lines
Em                                     A
Space of your life is only passing you by

main riff x1

Space child ages as he turns and faces the lines
Then after laughter was caught in his throat as he died

main riff x1

Em     A
Fly on homeward

guitar solo - Em  A  x9

Worlds spinnin' by, makes clouds in your eyes and eyes
The space of your life is only passing you by

main riff x2


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