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No Wonder I
Capo 1

  AMaj7         DMaj9           Bm7          Em7
e  0              2              2            0
B  2              2              3            3
G  1              2              2            0
D  2              0              4            2
A  0              0              2            2
E  0              0              2            0

AMaj7         DMaj9
No wonder I feel thousand pedals 

AMaj7            DMaj9
I'm walkin' by cherry blossoms in the sky 

AMaj7          Bm7
Feels exciting to be living 

AMaj7        DMaj9
No wonder I feel so tired of talkin’ 

Bm7             Em7        AMaj7         DMaj9
There's so much to take in today 

AMaj7                             DMaj9
I'm humming like washing machines through the window 

AMaj7                             DMaj9
And feeling glad that I saw you in your favorite jeans 

AMaj7               DMaj9
Feels so friendly when you say hello 

AMaj7        DMaj9                           Bm7
No wonder I want to wrap you up and take you home 

I'm looking forward to the chance to meet again 

Bm7               Em7
But then again it all depends 

Bm7          Em7
Suddenly I'm not so sure

Bm7             Em7
That intentions can be pure 

If I could just throw all my doubts into the wind 

I think that they'ld come back again 

AMaj7                        DMaj9
Every cloud has a silver lining   (repeat this line 3x)
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