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Am               Em(7th fret)               
once there was a young girl
Dm                Am 
but old enough to know, girl (?)
            Em(7th fret)Am    Em
went by the name of Ladybird

Am                   Em(7th fret)
charmed you with the one hand
Dm                   Am
and broke you in the next hand
              Em(7th fret)     Am   
then she'd be gone out of your life

if you've got time (if you've got time)
                   Em(7th fret)
and you're ever to change your mind (to change her mind)
you'll need more than a glass of wine
she's not that kind of girl

you'll never win (you'll never win)
                           Em(7th fret)
'cause she leaves when you think you're in (think you're in)
doesn't care if it's her or him
she's not that kind of girl

Am               Em(7th fret)
mornings are the cruelest
   Dm                      Am
no no, no, nothing more or less

                    Em(7th fret)   Am    Em
just slept with the thought of Ladybird

Am             Em(7th fret)
everywhere you see her
    Dm             Am
her new possession with her
                         Em(7th fret)     Am
don't warn them, they're not listening to you
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About the artist behind Ladybird:

Ladytron is an electronic pop/electroclash[1] band originally based in Liverpool, England, although members originate from Sofia and Glasgow as well as Liverpool itself. The band has been active since 1999, releasing three full-length albums, with a fourth released in May 2008 through the Nettwerk label. Ladytron tours extensively around the world, both with live shows and DJ sets.

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