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Aces High
This has to be one of my most favourite Ladytron songs. It may also be slightly higher 
keyed than the actual version...

Intro- Dm C A Dm x2
       C A
       Dm C A Dm x6
       C A x2
       Dm C A Dm x8
       C A x3
       Dm C A Dm x4
this is played through the entire song. yay.
Synth (rhythm guitar/ guitar) parts coming soon
Ladytron - Aces High :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
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About the artist behind Aces High:

Ladytron is an electronic pop/electroclash[1] band originally based in Liverpool, England, although members originate from Sofia and Glasgow as well as Liverpool itself. The band has been active since 1999, releasing three full-length albums, with a fourth released in May 2008 through the Nettwerk label. Ladytron tours extensively around the world, both with live shows and DJ sets.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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