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The Dugout
Intro: F      C    G     Same as verse.
       C      G    F

It's safer to stay with your own
C           G
It's only a natural instinct
'Cause sometimes the people you fear
G                F
Come wearing the friendliest faces

Dm                               Am                      G
Only to make you feel you're the last one there when the party's over
And even the person you love
G                G
Has turned you away in the end


So tell me the truth of your heart
       Am              G
Please tell me, please tell me
I'm haunting the basement again          X2
Turn your light on
Turn your light on me

I'll tell you a dream that I had
C                 G
I was down at the baseball diamond
And seeing you smiling beside
G            F
Watching the moon at the treetops

Laughing and backing away
         Am                        G
Saw your dark eyes shine like the city skyline
And then I just sat there alone
G            F
Unable to wake up or walk home


Strum F a little, then end on C .

Props for the chords goes to gobbleykins from the youtubes.

Also: There's a solo in the middle, between chorus and verse, but I haven't a clue 
how it goes, nor does gobbleykins.
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