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Call Center Chords

 G             D
Now let's get one thing straight
 E              C
I don't really want to work this place
 G                     D
But i get paid for my American accent
 E           C
I got money to pay the rent

G        D    E      C
This is only temporary
G        D      E    C
I'm not really in a hurry
G          D
A party on morning
E        C
Work all night
G      D             E        C      G
Get my honey and the broke daylight

D                 E C       G
I'll be at the call center
D             E C      G
Until something better
D           E C
Comes along my way
G            D        E C
It's been a long long day
A   B C
 Hey, hey

Now let's get one thing clear
I dont really want to be here
But they pay me for my perfect diction
I got money for my addictions

[repeat Refrain and Chorus]

Hey hey

G              B   D
 The future is all bright
G              B  D
 The future is alright

"Plucking for the last Refrain"

This is only temporary
I'm not really in a hurry
A party on morning
Work all night
Get my money when the sun shines

[repeat Chorus]

Hey hey

Outro: A B C ; C B A G

First Post ko to. sn magustuhan nyo. Medyo nkakalito sa umpisa pakingan nyo nlng ung 
Idol Cambio. Rok on! Astig mga pinoy. I love you kathlyn.

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