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Promise Of A Lifetime (ver 6) - Kutless

Promise Of A Lifetime
Verse 1
A             E           D2
     I have fallen to my knees
      F#m        E      A
As I sing a lullaby of pain
            E           D2
Im feeling broken in my melody
       F#m               E     D2
As I sing to help the tears go away
          E                             A
Then I remember the pledge you made to me

A                      E
I know you’re always there
To hear my every prayer inside I’m clinging to
      F#m         E
The promise of a lifetime
A                    E
I hear the words you say
To never walk away from me and leave behind
     F#m           E
The promise of a lifetime

Verse 2
A            E            D2
   Will you help me fall apart?
        F#m         E         A
Pick me up take me in your arms
           E                D2
I find my way back from this storm
         F#m               E                D2
And you show me how to grow through the change
           E                             A
I still remember the pledge you made to me

Verse 3

F#m   D2            A             E
I am holding onto the hope I have inside
                D2              A
With you I will stay through everyday
            F#m           E
Putting my understanding aside

I am confident

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About the artist behind Promise Of A Lifetime:

Kutless is a Christian rock band formed in 1999 from Portland, Oregon. The band was previously under the name "Call Box" from 2000-2001. As Kutless, they have released four full-length studio albums, the most recent being titled Hearts of the Innocent (2006). Their next album, To Know That You're Alive, is set to be released on June 24, 2008.[1]

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