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Skankenstein by Kora, as interpreted by Callum Gavin

This is the chords for this great song off their self titled album. Most of the song
this A bass note, but then in the chorus ("That's just not me girl") it vamps to Ab. In the
half is A song there is A F/Eb/E/C/B/Am progression that's pretty funky. Good kiwi 
Here's the lyrics as well, which aren't up on the internet at the moment, all except
line which I can't hear. If some talented person wants to give it a go put it up and you 
merge this file into yours.

In between the Am/Ab change, you can something like this riff:


Intro, verse:

A bass note for ages
Am piano run

Sweat and lies and alibis
Keep your mouth shut from flies
Just block your ears and close your eyes
And live through lows and highs

Am                                      Ab
Cause that's just not me girl
            Am                          Ab
Thats just not me girl

Verse 2

[A bass note]
Count to 10, read again
This time it should be over
You're in a weak position now
Cause I can admit it
You're trying to be just like

Me girl
I'm constantly thinking
Cause that's just not me girl
Constantly dreaming
That's just not me girl

[piano run over Am bars]


Verse 3

Come together make excuses
And use them when I'm in doubt
A fix smile to show that everything is fine
I can see it in your eyes it's fucked

Love and tears they pollute my fears
And block you're clear and find [can't hear this line
But I don't care if you don't care
Cause i'm your skankenstein

That's just not me girl
I'm constantly thinking
F                    F E Eb
.....Those fake lies and folks advertising
   E                     C
It shows that you're not in
      B               Am
Cause that's just not me girl
I'm constantly thinking
                      F        F E Eb
Cause that's just not me girl
               E        C         B
I'm constantly dreaming
Cause that's just not me girl

Any questions, comments, corrections, send them to [email protected]
NZ music rocks. Peace
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