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Calypso Carol
Calypso Carol (Shepherds Come Quick)
Original Composer: Kirby Shaw
Transcribed by: Austin Anderson
Email: [email protected]

Kirby Shaw is mostly a Choral composer. His official website is
This was chorded by ear from various A Capella performances found on youtube.

F              C      G7         C                                                         
Shepherds come quick! Leave your sheep.
F          C                G7       C                                     
Run to the manger while the world's asleep.
       F             C            G7      C                             
Better listen to the angel and be on your way
           F         C          G7     C                                     
'cause the Bethlehem Baby he be born today.

Verse 1:
C                F                    C                    G7  
Shepherds in the field, they watching o'er their flocks by night.
C                F                     C          G7      C   
All was calm and all was clear and the stars were burning bright.
    C            F                      C                  G7
The angel of the Lord came down and the night was like the day.
     C             F                  C          G7      C    
They saw the glory of the Lord and it took their breath away.

Verse 2:
    C                F                  C              G7  
The angel said, "Now have no fear, come here listen to me.
    C               F                C       G7  C   
The news I bring to you tonight will bless humanity.
   C            F               C          G7  
In Bethlehem is born this day a little Baby Boy.
C                 F                      C         G7         C    
Jesus Christ, the Son of God, he’s gonna fill your heart with joy"

Verse 3:
    C                     F                    C               G7  
The shepherds said, "W've seen the light, come on, let's not delay.
   C               F                     C     G7     C    
In Bethlehem we'll find the Christ Child lying in the hay.
    C                   F              C                   G7  
Now when they found the Baby Boy, with joy they spread the news.
   C                F              C    G7      C    
So let the joy they found that day be inside of you!

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