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Scars In His Hands
                             Scars In His Hand

Tabbed by:  Todd Pounds
Email:  [email protected]

I searched high and low for this song then finally tabbed it out myself.

Tuning: Standard

G            C           D             G
How could he justify the love that hes given?

G            C            D
How could he make himself believe?

G           C                  D                    Em
That It was worth each drop of blood with each nail driven.

C                        D
Just to save someone like me.

            Em                     C
So want you tell me how, you could think somehow.
           G                              D
That I was worth it and deserved eternal life.
     C                D           Em                 A
Just give me one good reason and maybe then ill understand.
     C           D                  C         D             C
What lead him to believe that I was worth the scars in his hands.

G         C             D               G
I try so hard to think about how he was feeling.

G         C                 D
When they nailed him to the cross.

G        C            D                  Em
Lifes so hard to live knowing that Im to blame.

C                              D
What I know is earths greatest lost

Repeat Chorus
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