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With Everything
With Everything - Japanese

G D Em C
G D Em C

Verse 1:
Open our eyes
   D                  Em 
To see the things that make Your heart cry
   C                  G
To be the church that You would desire
     D          Em            C
Your light to be seen

Verse 2:
Break down our pride
     D                 Em
And all the walls we’ve built up inside
     C                 G
Our earthly crowns and all our desires
    D         Em              C
We lay at Your feet

     Em  C     G        D
闇は消え          の中に
yami wa kie      hikari no naka ni
Let hope rise    And darkness tremble
Em    C          G       D
希望が               わきあがる
kibou ga              wakiagaru
In Your holy light  That every eye will see

C    Em D          Am      C     D 
イエ'の       偉大な力で
iesu no       idai na chikara de
Jesus our God, Great and mighty to be praised

Verse 3:
G        D      Em
あなたの てはcき
anata no subete wa kagayaki
God of all days, Glorious in all of Your ways
C          G         D        Em   C
subarashii megumi ni afurete iru
Oh the majesty the wonder and grace, In the light of Your Name

C     Em     G     D
C     Em     G     D

    C         Em       G         D
いのちの てであなたの 
inochi no subete de anata no hikari
With everything, With everything, We will shout for Your glory
    C         Em        G       D
いのちの てでcえて叫ぶ
inochi no subete de tataete sakebu
With everything, With everything, We will shout forth Your praise

       C       Em         G          D
心は震える ての名'cえ
kokoro wa furueru subete no na wo koe
Our hearts they cry, Be glorified, Be lifted high above all names
      C         Em      G       D
あなたの 'cえて叫ぶ
anata no hikari wo tataete sakebu
For You our King, With everything, We will shout forth Your praise

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