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Sing To The Lord
Key C

C                      G         Dm7             F
Righteous ruler of the heavens, Holy, Holy our God
C                         G        Dm7            F
Sovereign Lord of all cre " ation, Holy, Holy our God

     F         C                   Am        G
Every tribe and tongue, Lift your voice as one
           F         Am   G
He is greatly to be praised                  (After Verse 2 Cut into Chorus)

            C     F  Am G
Sing to the Lord, oh my soul
        Am      F/A   Am  G
Let the heavens shout for joy
Dm7   F   Am  G    Dm7   F  Am  G
Great is our God, Great is our God 

Instrumental | Am  | Em/G  |     |

C                        G            Dm7            F
Nations come and bow be - fore Him,  Holy, Holy our God
C                           G    Dm7           F
Angels sing now and for " ever, Holy, Holy our God

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BRIDGE: (Soft build up with drums)
   Csus   C    C/E        Fadd9            Am  G  C/E       F
The hea - vens shall de - clare, the glo - ry of our great God (3X)

VERSE 3:  (Soft. Build up on Dm w/drums)
C                       G
Jesus, come let us adore Him
Dm7           F
Holy, Holy our God.


Dm7    C      G
Great is our God
Dm7    F  Am   G
Great is our God

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