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Savior God He Reigns
God he reigns

Intro: Am  F  G  Am  F  G 
Dm                 Am 
A Saviour on a hill, 
E/G#              Am 
Dying for my shame 
        G/B       Dm 
Could this  be true? 
Defies the world I see 
E/G#                    Am 
Yet this is all my heart 
      G/B     Dm7 
Was longing for 
      C/G  G       Dm 
To know You my Lord 
      C/E        G 
To know You, Lord 

F         C  Am         G/B 
You deserve, You deserve 
Dm7      C/E              G 
You deserve all the praise 
F         C  Am         G/B 
You deserve, You deserve 
Dm7      C/E              G 
You deserve all the praise 

Dm                      Am 
The heavens wept for You 
The earth cried out, 
     Am   G/B  C     Dm 
"Could He be the One? 
For You So loved The World 
E/G#                 Am 
You gave Your only son 
     G/B  C/E  Dm7 
To say       I love You so 
     Dm7    C/E     G 
Oh how I love You so 

Am     F              G 
Hallelujah to the King 
Am     F               G 
Hallelujah we will sing 
Forever (repeat 3x) 

Dm              Am 
And all humanity 
aches to find this 
  Am        G/B C 
beautiful love You give 
Dm                  Am 
We come to You again 
E/G#                 Am 
to offer up our lives 
    G/B  C/E Dm7   G 
to worship   You alone 
    Dm7      C/E    G 
to worship You alone
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