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I Will Exalt You
I Will Exalt You
Brook Ligertwood

Capo 4 or up 4 steps
*The riff goes through the intro and verses.  
 I suggest listening to the song to get the riff right because the first two go pretty quick.  
 It also works fine playing G and C instead of the riff.

Riff*:   D/F#  G  G/B   C   [x3]  D  G

Verse 1:
   G     C           
I will exalt You
   G     C
I will exalt You
   G     C
I will exalt You
     D      G
You are my God

    D              Am
My hiding place, my safe refuge
    D/F#                  G
My treasure, Lord, You are
     D                Am  G/B C   Em     D
My friend and King, Anointed One, Most holy
Verse 2:
Because You're with me 
Because You're with me 
Because You're with me
I will not fear

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