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I Will Exalt You
I Will Exalt You
Brook Ligertwood

Capo 4 or up 4 steps
*The riff goes through the intro and verses.  
 I suggest listening to the song to get the riff right because the first two go pretty quick.  
 It also works fine playing G and C instead of the riff.

Riff*:   D/F#  G  G/B   C   [x3]  D  G

Verse 1:
   G     C           
I will exalt You
   G     C
I will exalt You
   G     C
I will exalt You
     D      G
You are my God

    D              Am
My hiding place, my safe refuge
    D/F#                  G
My treasure, Lord, You are
     D                Am  G/B C   Em     D
My friend and King, Anointed One, Most holy
Verse 2:
Because You're with me 
Because You're with me 
Because You're with me
I will not fear

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Try out the AutoScroller option ... It scrolls the page for you, so you can totally focus on nailing that solo. You can choose among different speeds using your mouse or your keyboard (keys 0, 1, 2 and 3).

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