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Written by hHead
Lyrics by Noah Mintz

Tabbed by Brrknstock
[email protected]

Hello everyone, this is only my second tab. I've only been playing for
5 months so don't get too mad at me. I got this from
hHead's in-environment acoustic performance on CFOX late last
year. I've been searching for  hHead tabs everywhere and I couldn't
find I made a's one of them...STILLBORN:

This tab is really wrong...I had to do it completely by ear and I just
GUESSED on what chords he's playing....this is just a simple idea of the
song but *hardly* near the actual one. Enjoy...

(PS: If anyone knows the real names of these chords let me know please!)


G - 302003
Em - 022100
A4 - xx2200
E5 - 022x00

---- Solo/Intro(Bass) ----


(When it's being played as a SOLO add this where the exclamation mark is:)

---- Verse ----

--2--2--2---------------------------------------------------+ (x 4)

---- Chorus ---
G G G G E5 E5  (x 3)

---- Verse2 ----
G Em (x 5)
Solo (x 4)
G Em (x 5)

---- Outro ----





Son of a bitch he blew his load
What excuse is I'll explode
Bastard child that grows in me
In his life I'll never believe

What now will I do
Close eyes and enjoy the view
What now will I do

Five months pass I begin to grow
My dress too small everyone knows
They say to me I've done my bride (??)
He blames me says I'm a slut

Well it's nine months by
This babies mine
Love flows with the time
And I love more through the chore
Oh my god he lies stillborn
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