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JERK hHead
Written by hHead
Lyrics by Noah Mintz

Tabbed by Brrknstock
[email protected]

Hello everyone, this is my very first tab. I think it sounds pretty good
seeing as I did it mostly from eye and only a tiny bit from ear. I've only
been playing for 5 months so don't get too mad at me. I got this from
hHead's in environment acoustic performance on Much Music late last
year. I've been searching for  hHead tabs everywhere and I couldn't
find I made my own....I'm working on STILLBORN as we speak...
Here it is....JERK:

(PS: If anyone knows the real names of these chords let me know please!)


G - 302003
A - 504005
F - xx3210
Eb - x22000
?E7? - 032300
G# - 403004

---- Intro ----
(Played before first two verses)

G G G G A A F (x 2)

---- Verse ----
(As you downstroke the G's sort of *lightly* palm mute the entire of lower
part of the chord, it gives the song a weird effect and sort of simulates
the drums)

G G G G A A Eb (x 4)

(After the G's on the third time playing the verse, slide your entire hand
down to the twelfth fret and mute it....then play two chords of all 6

---- Chorus ----

F F F F Eb (x 3, softly)
G (slightly muted)
F F F F Eb (x 3, louder)
G (x 3, softly)

---- Solo ----
(While playing the G's quickly lift and hammer down your 1st finger
over and over agin)

G G G G A A E7 (x 2)
(then quickly slide the third string to the 12th fret and back)
G G G G G# G# E7
G G G G A A E7
F F F F Eb (x 3)

Rest (All Instruments)

---- Outro ----
G (several times, fading away)




G  G  G  G  A   A  Eb
Always came but never did
Never once complained about it
Lisa said I told you so
How was I supposed to know

F   F   F   F
Always in my head
Always what he said
One day we will wed

G             G
I wish he would drop dead

F   F   F   F
Thought you said you'd die for me

G     G     G     G
Now I know you lied to me

G  G  G  G   A  A  Eb
Took me once to niagara falls
Weekend at a motel and all
There he asked for my hand
Could I ever love another man

G  G  G  G  A  A  Eb
Wedding day I looked my best
Pink flowers on my dress
Penny in the pond for good luck
Son of a bitch he didn't show up
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