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Quattro World Drifts In Chords - Calexico

Quattro World Drifts In Chords
thats my first tab guys! I'm not quite sure about all the chords (the F# could also be
A). but its good to play it for first time.

Love the run but not the race
All alone in a silent way
em			          bm
World drifts in and the world's a stranger
             G	          D	bm
In a light, eclipsed and alienated
	  G	          D
In a time, occupied and invaded
G		       F#   		  bm
Can't tell what's right, better hit the ground running
In the hills where the tall weed grows
Hands are tied and won't let go
em					           bm
Can't escape this place without leaving the world behind
	  G		      D	    bm
In a light, ashamed and humiliated
	          G		   D
In a time, sacrificed for the sake of trade
G                    A		    D
The soul is bent, feels the weight of truth
bm  		G
Falling through
G	    A		      D	         bm
Left behind, no choice but to run to the mountains
G			A			  bm
Where no poppies grow, you have to hit the ground running
bm		G	            D	bm
In a light, paralyzed and spirits fading
bm		       G		  D
Out of time, must decide to fall or run
G	    A	       D		     bm
Into the eye, of the storm no sign or omen
G	      A		          D
Make it right, or fall to the other side
		 bm	G
Where fields are burning
From the day you're born
We always hit the ground running.

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About the artist behind Quattro World Drifts In Chords:

Calexico is a rock band based in Tucson, Arizona, known for playing an eclectic variety of music. Its two main members are Joey Burns and John Convertino, who first played together in Los Angeles as part of the group Giant Sand. They have recorded a number of albums on Quarterstick Records, while their 2005 album In the Reins recorded with Iron & Wine has reached the Billboard 200 album charts. Their musical style is influenced by traditional sounds of Mexico and the Southwestern United States, and they have been described by some as indie rock. The band is named for the border town of Calexico, California.

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