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Angels Brought Me Here
Angels Brought Me Here Chords by Guy Sebastian

Chords by: Ed (Ardy) Gonzales([email protected])
           Angeles City, Philippines

Intro: C Em F Gsus

Verse 1:
It's been a long and winding 
But I'm finally here tonight
 F             Dm7
Picking up the pieces and
           Gsus          G
   walking back into the light

Verse 2:
And to the sunset of your glory
Where my heart and future lies
         F                Dm7
There's nothing like that feeling
       Gsus           G
When I look into Your eyes

Refrain 1:
   Dm7           C   	   F      	 
My dreams came true when I found 
  Bb            Gsus   G
I found You, my miracle

    D        F#m      G Asus 
If You could see what I see
                D      F#m 	 
That you're the answer to  my  
    G     Asus
        D        F#m 	 
And If you could feel the 
    G           E7
   tenderness I feel
           Em               D
You would know,it would be clear
     G       Asus   	D(G)
That angels brought me here

Verse 3:
Standing here before You
Feels like I've been born again
F               Dm7  
Every breath is Your love 
      Gsus                  G
Every heartbeat speaks Your name

Refrain 2:
    Dm7          C   	                           
My dreams came true right here 
     F      Dm7     Gsus   G
in front of You, My miracle...

(Repeat Chorus 1)

          F#sus            F#7 
Brought me here to be with You
          Bm         Bm7        		  
I'll be forever grateful  
      E		E7
Oh forever faithful
    Em           D          G       	                  
My dreams came true when I found 
    D      Asus   A7sus
   You, My miracle . . .

Chorus 2:
   Eb        Gm       Ab Bbsus 
If you could see what I see
               Eb      Gm	
That you're the answer to my 
    Ab    Bbsus
   prayers(My prayers)
          (Just be here for me babe)
        Eb  	  Gm	    
*And If you could feel the 
   Ab           F7(pause on ending)
   tenderness I feel
          Fm(pause on ending)            
You would know, it would be 
    Eb(pause on ending)
     Ab      Bbsus    (Eb)	
That angels brought me here

Do 1st part of Chorus 2 chords
Do * & End...

Note: Use chords w/ ( )on the 2nd time.  Try
to play it while listening to the song. I 
hOpe you'll enjoy it. It's a little more accurate 
than previously post. And it will exactly fit
in a 1 page letter size bond paper(Font 14). Thanks 
to those who post their chords of this song, they 
are of great help to my version.
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