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C                        G         F                  C        Gsus
Neon lights flickering outside the cafe ice on the windsheild stars in a 
      E7  Am                Fmaj7              Csus C  C2 C  
black sea on a winter road flurries of snow i'm rea-dy to go

C                                G       F                    C
Past farmhouse and pasture our voices together rise to the drumming of 
Gsus          E7       Am                              Fmaj7      
big rigs and trailers long hours to daylight we're on a rumbling bus our 
Csus   C   C2  C
bed   and our board

         G        Dm               Fmaj7                  C
Heavenly father remember the traveler bring us safely home
         G        Dm               Fmaj7                G7sus          C
Heavenly father remember the traveler bring us safely home  safely home

       C                        G          F                    C     Gsus
in the towns office highway the people are kind they welcome us in I sing 
           E7         Am                              Fmaj7 
in their church halls old hymns and prayer songs with lifted hearts we 
Csus  C   C2     C
re-joice in the LORD   (chorus)

   Am                     Bsus                    G            F   
I long for my family and friends to remind me of where i have been and 
 C          D                    C  G  F  C
where i am going and where i come fr------om

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About the artist behind Traveler:

Music at the University of New Mexico[1]

Known for

Christian singer/songwriter

Religious beliefs




Fernando Ortega is an adult contemporary singer-songwriter in contemporary Christian music. He is noted for his interpretations of traditional hymns and songs, such as "Give Me Jesus", "Be Thou My Vision", and many others, but also for writing clear and accessible songs, such as "This Good Day".

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