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Beyond The Sky
The guy who tabbed this goes by Lo Ruhamah. I made a change on verses 2 & 3; where the first A's are, it 
used to be a G, which didn't sound as awesome. Enjoy.

Song: Beyond the Sky
Artist: Fernando Ortega
Key of: B

Verse 1
B               E
One morning, When time is done
B              E           A
Bright heaven, Will be our refuge
    E                F#     E
The city of God most high

Verse 2
B           E
I long for, That holy day
This longing
A              Em
Sometimes it captures my heart
    D          C#       A     F#sus F#
And carries me far away

B          E    G#m        B2   B
Beyond the sky, Beyond all telling
    C#2         A       B           E   Ebsus Eb
Our Father himself Will be our light
    G#m       E            B        C#2
His arms will hold us, And with his hands
He'll wipe away the tears
F#                    B       
  That stain our eyes

Verse 3
B              E
When darkness, Falls over me
B               A         Em
This promise, It's like a fire inside
   D        C#    A       F#sus F
Burning the dark away


Repeat B, E...
Fernando Ortega - Beyond The Sky :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
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About the artist behind Beyond The Sky:

Music at the University of New Mexico[1]

Known for

Christian singer/songwriter

Religious beliefs




Fernando Ortega is an adult contemporary singer-songwriter in contemporary Christian music. He is noted for his interpretations of traditional hymns and songs, such as "Give Me Jesus", "Be Thou My Vision", and many others, but also for writing clear and accessible songs, such as "This Good Day".

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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