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Sleep Walk Chords
[Verse 1]
  A  C#m  Dm/A
Instead of dreaming
    A  C#m  Dm/A
I sleepwalk
Cause I lost you
     A         F#m     Dm/A
And now what am I to do
        E7                  A    F#m  D  E
Can't believe that we're through

[Verse 2]
  A  C#m  Dm/A
Cause I miss you
    A  C#m  Dm/A
I sleeptalk
While the memory of 
 A          F#m     Dm/A
You lingers like a song
        E7          A   D  A  A7
Darling, I was so wrong

      D                     Dm 
The night fills my lonely place
             A    A6               A   A7 
I see your face, been through my brain
    D              Dm 
I know, I want you so
I still love you
        Em7b5       E   E7
And it drives me insane

[Verse 3]
  A  C#m  Dm/A 
Every night I just 
  A  C#m  Dm/A 
Please come back
          A        F#m            Bm
And when you walk inside the door
         E7          A   D  A
I will sleepwalk no more
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