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Misty Chords
This is the best that I can figure, feel free to make suggestions/corrections 

Standard Tuning, No Capo
Key Of C (chords used: C; G; Am; F; Dm)

|Intro: C, G, Am, F, C, G, Am, F, G

|Verse I:
C                  G                  Am
I first saw you at Cerulean Gym, just out of rocky tunnel
C                           G
It was the way you'd laugh, and the way that you swim
  Am              F            G
I knew that you'd be trouble

|Pre-Chorus I:
C              G
We made such a big splash, big crash
Am                 F     G
You'll be my tidal wave
C                      G               Am                 F
Breaks me down like an avalanche, then we go dance in the rain

C                  G                Am
Misty you're gonna miss me when I'm gone
                   G     C                     G
I'm gone forever.. don't tease me; my heart is freezing
Cause you whipped up this icy weather
  F         C
I'm talking in my sleep
                 G       Am                         F
This story won't star me and you feel sheer cold to me
C                      G                F
But Misty you're gonna miss me when I'm gone, gone forever
And I'll never recover

|Break: C, G, 
|Verse II:
C               G                          Am                  
Now I knew that my chances were slim, that much is plain to see
C     G                               Am                          F
But I found you standing with him and thought it should have been me

|Pre-Chorus II:
I had my chance and I blew it
My frozen heart saw right through it
C                               G
I'm coming down like a crashing wake

|Repeat Chorus|
F                       G                             Am
From the burn from when you scald my heart; chewed me up fangs of ice 
and then you ripped me apart
       F                      G
Thunder wave I can't move I'm paralyzed around you
      F                           G
I got hax'd and confused from the start...

|Repeat Chorus|

F                           G             Am
Gone, gone forever and I'll never recover
Am                             C
Now I'm gone, gone forever and I'll never recover
F                G                  C (hold)
Gone, gone forever and I'll never recover

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