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The Man In Sandals Chords
D           D7     G  Em7
The Man in sandals came
    A        A7       D
To help the poor and lame
 Bm          Bm7      Em Em7
No one could stay the same
A           A7        D
After they spoke His name.

            D7    G      Em7
Sandals, sandals on His feet
A       A7          D     A
Dusty roads where people meet
Bm                Em7
Sandals, sandals came to me
A           A7         D
Steps that lead past Calvary.

D         D7        G  Em7
Today He walks with men
     A         A7   D
His footsteps come again
    Bm       Bm7   Em  Em7
He comes to live within
     A     A7               D
And change man’s life from sin.

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