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Say The Word Chords
[| F2/A /// | Bbmaj13 /// | F/C /// |Csus4//// | 2x |]


   [F2/A]            [Bbmaj13]              [F/C]                   [Csus4]            [Repeat]
Note: You can also play Bb to substitute Bbmaj7 within the song.

Fadd9/A           Bbmaj13  F/C  Csus4
Say the  word and there is light
Fadd9/A Bbmaj13             F/C  Csus4
Say the word and dead bones rise  
       Dm7       Bbmaj13           F
 Every start and end hangs on Your voice
          Dm7          Bbmaj13   F
 For Your word never returns Void  

             F                              C
Written in a billion skies Speaking to this heart of mine
 All that I am with all creation
 Bb                               F
Hanging on every word that You've spoken
 And it will not be shaken 
 Clinging for life to all You promise
Hanging on every word that 
       Dm7 Bb        F
You Say   It will remain And my 
  Dm7              Bb             F
soul will hang on every word You say

   Dm  Bb
Oh oooo Ooo[Foo

  Dm7     Bbmaj13             F
Word made flesh, You wrote in grace
  Dm7   Bbmaj13                F
Promise kept through cross and grave
        Dm7          Bb              F
 Over words of stone You spelled out Love 
                Dm7          Bb        F
 And when You say, 'it is done', it is Done     
 Chorus 2x:

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