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Please Notice Acoustic Chords
Capo 7th fret
Standard tuning

G G/F# E C G 1x

And baby when you sleep
        G/F#    Em
do you dream of me 
and when you're awake, do you think of me 
I need to know, how do you feel

G                                G/F#  Em
'cause baby when I sleep, I dream of you 
and when I'm awake, thats all I do 
think about every detail, you ha-ave

G                                     G/F#  Em
Do you notice when I get mad, I clench my jaw? 
Do you notice when I get sad, I tend to fall?
Look at my words, I say to you  
G                                         G/F#    Em
'cause I notice when you get mad, you close your eyes
and I notice when you are sad, you let out sighs
I need to know are those sighs ever over me?


G                                G/F#   Em
Do you know how in love with you I am? 
Do you see how in love with you I am? 
Everything that you do, it makes heart stop ... oh it stoo-oops
G                                    G/F#   G
and baby when you sleep, do you dream of me?
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