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Your World And My World
Your World and my World
by: Albert Hammond

C                 Em
    It isn’t easy to say goodbye,
Am                                     C
    I try to understand the reason why
           F                               C                        G
    my body’s shaking, my heart is aching within me.
       C                        Em
    From my window I watch you go,
Am                                            C
    he’s waiting for you in the street below,
           F                                   C                              G   C
    his arms wide open, while mine are cold and so empty.
              C                                                   F
‘Cause your world and my world, they’ve drifted apart,
Dm                                          - G                    G7
    in yours the sun is shining,        in mine it’s raining,
and I’m the only lonely one.
          C                                          F
And your life and my life, they’ve gone separate ways,
Dm                                       - G                      G7
    in yours a new tomorrow,        in mine just sorrow,
and I’m the only lonely one.
          C                                    Em
2. Through the teardrops that cloud my eyes,
Am                                C
    I see the image of a love gone by,
         F                       C                        G             - G7
    a silhouette that I won’t forget for a long time.
             C                             Em
    The days are longer now that you’re gone,
Am                                            C
    without your loving arms to keep me warm,
           F                           C                            G     C
    my future lies under cloudy skies with no sunshine.
+ CHORUS  +  G   (2x) ….. (orig. = capo 3rd)  (Albert Hammond)
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About the artist behind Your World And My World:

Albert Hammond, Jr. (born April 9, 1980, Los Angeles, California) is a musician and member of the garage rock band, The Strokes for which he mostly plays rhythm guitar, but occasionally plays lead as well (eg. in "Last Nite"). He is also a solo musician in his own right, and released his debut album Yours To Keep in 2006. The Beach Boys, Buddy Holly, John Lennon, Matthew Sweet, Television and The Velvet Underground are often cited as his major influences.[1][2]

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