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These Are The Good
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From: "KKKKlaus"  

These are the good old days     (Albert Hammond - 1975)

Intro: A, Dbm, D, E

And all these sad yound men
paraiding through their lives
the girls that they have loved have now
 A               E
become expensive wifes

They think they know it all
and in some ways they do
they're reaching out for better times
if they only knew

Refr.: These are the good old days
                   D               Bm
       this is the best time of my life
       E                  F#m
       the best I've ever known
              Bm             G        E
       and it won't ever be the same again
       These are the good old days
                      D                Bm
       and when my clothes are out of style
        E                   F#m
       and life is slowing down
           G                 E
       I'll know what I have done

While all this sad young men
go marchin' up to walk
the old men shake their heads and say
A                  E
we've seen it all before

But how are they to know
lessons take so long
and by the time they found the answer
life is almost gone       (repeat refrain)

The text is taken from CD by ear "Albert Hammond, The very best of Albert Hammond"
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About the artist behind These Are The Good:

Albert Hammond, Jr. (born April 9, 1980, Los Angeles, California) is a musician and member of the garage rock band, The Strokes for which he mostly plays rhythm guitar, but occasionally plays lead as well (eg. in "Last Nite"). He is also a solo musician in his own right, and released his debut album Yours To Keep in 2006. The Beach Boys, Buddy Holly, John Lennon, Matthew Sweet, Television and The Velvet Underground are often cited as his major influences.[1][2]

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