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Her Song Chords
            Her Song.
                                    Tabbed by Pham Hong Y
                                    [email protected]
 This is a wonderful song that I like, I think this tab is correct!!!

Intro: C  G  C  G  Am  G  F  G  C

 C                 G               F 
When the day is done and Im without her
 C                G             F 
I feel like a cloud across the sun
 G                Am
Cuz she`s all I have
 G                F
I feel it in my blood
     Dm           G             F             G
That maybe Im holding on to a never ending road

 Dm            G    
Oohhh I`ll never know
 C                 F              Dm 
If Ill be looking back when I grow old
   F               G  
And feel like I do now

 C         G     F
She`s the only one
I need her in my life
Anything else seems so wrong
I have her in my heart
                  G                          C
And I will always love her till the end of time
 C              F 
Shes the only one
I hold her in my dreams
Everytime I close my eyes
I feel her in my arms
I feel her in my heart
This is her song

(verse 2 the same as verse 1)

Everytime Im down and lonely
It feels like praying without believing
When she`s not by my side

Cuz now I know how much she means to me
But I cant change the way she feels
Without her in my life

Ooohhh  ..

(Repeat Chorus)

She`s the only one   .
    G        F
Im looking for
A way to let her know
    G          C
Im searching for
                   Am      G     F    C     G     F     G
A way to touch her heart

(Repeat Chorus)

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About the artist behind Her Song Chords:

C21 was a Danish boy band consisting of three key members: Søren Bregendal (vocals, lyricist, producer and keyboards), Esben Duus (vocals, lyricist and guitar), and David Pepke (vocals, lyricist, guitar).

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