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Dont Call Me Baby
'DON'T CALL ME BABY' (Voice of the Beehive) sorted out by Jem Roberts

(A7)  D   G     D    G     D    A    (D)
Don't call me baby When she is waitin' in the car (When we were not the way we are)
took so long to get this far Don't call me baby
G   D    G     D     A
You said forever And then you went and changed your plans
You said that someday I 
would understand But I still wonder
D   Bm   C   A   D   Bm    C    A
I wonder why we are not walkin' And fightin' and asking for favors
Meetin' at midnight 
While avoidin' all the neighbors
D     Bm     G     A      G       A      A7
Time is a distance that you can't retract by miles
If I saw you again I'd smile But 
I'd say...
I think, she's pretty And I think that you have done quite well
I still say, you can 
never tell I wouldn't be surprised
You'll never know, we could be walkin' And fightin'...
Bm    G     D     E
Sometimes I'm down I think I see you
But I don't say a word Because there is somebody new
It's too late to matter But no such thing is true
You're in the shadows 'Til you left 
me in the dark
F     E     F#     E         A/D...
Don't call me... Baby...
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