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Turn Around Look At Me
Turn Around, Look At Me:The Vogues.
#7 on REPRISE Records in 1968.
INTRO: Db Ebm7 Gb Ab

Ab7      Db       Gb9       Db      Gb9
There is someone..walking behind you..
     Ebm      Ebm7    Ab7
Turn around...look at me. 
         Ebm        Ebm7          Ab7
There is someone....watching your footsteps..
     Db      Dbmaj7  Db7
Turn around..look at me. 
         Gb                 F7
There is someone who really needs you..  
          Bbm         Eb7
Here's my heart in my hand. 
     Db    Db+5        Bbm  Dbmaj7 Gb9     Gbm6  Ebm7   Ab7 
Turn around....look at me,  under..stand,  understand...
Ab7          Db       Gb9            Db        Gb9
That there's someone..who'll stand beside you...
     Ebm      Ebm7    Ab7
Turn around...look at me. 
            Ebm        Ebm7            Ab7
And there's someone....who'll love and guide you...
     Db       Dbmaj7  Db7
Turn around...look at me. 
     Gb                       F7
I've waited, but I'll wait forever,  
    Bbm            Eb7
For you to come to me. 
        Db      Db+5          Bbm       Dbmaj7
Look at someone....who really loves you..  
     Gb9    Ab   Ab7 Db 
Turn around look at  me. 

      Gb9     Ab    Ab7 Db  Gb Db

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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