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My Special Angel
My Special Angel:The Vogues.
#1 on EASY LISTENING and #7 on BB hot
100 on REPRISE Records in 1968.

INTRO: C Am Dm G..C Am Dm G

C   Am     Em            F         G   C   
You are my special angel sent from up above.
    G           Em      Am     D       Dm
The Lord smiled down on me and sent an angel 
   G   G7
to love.
C   Am     Em             F          G   C   
You are my special angel, right from Paradise.
Dm G         C      Em Am     Dm        G
I  know that you're an angel, Heaven is in your 
C    C7

    F7              G               C      Am
The smile from your lips brings the summer sunshine.
    D     Dm7       G              C
The tears from your eyes bring the rain.
  Em        Gb          G      Gbm        D
I feel your touch, your warm embrace, and I'm in 
Dm7    Fm6 G   G7
Heaven a---gain.

C   Am     Em             F       G    C
You are my special angel, through eternity.
Dm   G       C       Em     Dm      G          C...Ab
I'll have my special angel, here to watch over me.
Db  Bbm    Fm             Gb      Ab    Db  Bb
You are my special angel, through eternity.
Ebm  Ab      Bb      Bbm  Fm  Ebm     Gb         Fm Bb
I'll have my special ang..el, here to watch over me.
Ebm     Ab    Gb   Db      
Here to watch over meeeee..eee..

Db                   Gb   
Angel, angel, angel, ang..el.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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If you don't really know how to deal with "Absus4" chord and his equally confusing brothers, just put the mouse cursor over them and you will be shown a helpful chord diagram.

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