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Warm Tape
 Capo 4th Fret
Chords relative to the capo.
   G       Bm        Am       C    Cmaj7[Emaj7(ish)]   D

e|-3-|   e|-2-|   e|-0-|   e|-0-|   e|-5-|          e|-2-|
B|-0-|   B|-3-|   B|-1-|   B|-1-|   B|-0-|          B|-3-|
G|-0-|   G|-4-|   G|-2-|   G|-0-|   G|-4-|          G|-2-|
D|-0-|   D|-4-|   D|-2-|   D|-2-|   D|-5-|          D|-0-|
A}-x-|   A|-2-|   A|-0-|   A|-3-|   A|-3-|          A|-X-|
E|-3-|   E|-2-|   E|-X-|   E|-0-|   E|-x-|          E|-X-|

 1 + 2 + 3 + 4
|G , Bm|Am , C|

{verse:]    (Chords last half a beat)
G        Bm          Am       C
           Shiver for me girl
G        Bm            Am      C
           Deliver for me my darling
G        Bm           Am      C
           Pushin' up to you
G        Bm          Am       C
       a, River that runs right thru you
G                   Bm              Am        C
Swim for your smile, In a blue rock quarry
G                   Bm              Am        C
Make it for me baby, You won't be sorry
G          Bm          Am       C
             Shiver for me now
G          Bm           Am        C
             Deliver for me my darling

Em x2                              G           Cmaj 
Miles and miles of nether worlds I roam
Em x2                              G           Cmaj
Settle for love you're never far from home
Em X2                              G           Cmaj
Carry me down into the waters of
Em X2                              G           Cmaj
Carry me down into the waters of love
Em X2                             G         C
Two of us were made of angels dust
D X3                                               C
I've been around, But not around enough

 Shadow my free form
   A woman that I could keep warm
   Quiver for me girl
   Give me your head and shoulders
Shot from the pages of love and glory
Sleeping next to you and I'm in your story
   Shadow my free form
   A woman that I could keep warm

-----""[Chorus]""-----    Go back to chorus, then to the bridge.

               Let's go
C G                   C    G
I know, I make it for two
Intuitions only what you take from it
C G                   C    G
I know, I make it for two
You were there and I was fortunat
C G                   C    G
I know, I make it for two
C    G
make it, for two
C    G         C     (G*)
make it, for two…And i.      (* Finishes on G, However playing acoustic 
sounds good stopping at C)

Shiver for me now
Deliver for me my darling
A living that I could
Be giving to you my sweet love
Swim for your smile
In a blue rock quarry
Make it for me baby
You won't be sorry
Shot from the pages of
Love and glory
Sleeping next to you
And I'm in your dream

Settle for love 
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About the artist behind Warm Tape:

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a Grammy-award winning American alternative rock band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1983. For most of its career, the band has consisted of vocalist Anthony Kiedis, guitarist John Frusciante, bassist Michael "Flea" Balzary, and drummer Chad Smith. The band's varied musical style has fused traditional rock and funk with various elements of heavy metal, punk rock and psychedelic rock.

In addition to Kiedis and Flea, the group originally featured guitarist Hillel Slovak and drummer Jack Irons. However, Slovak died of a heroin overdose in 1988, resulting in Irons resigning.[1] Irons was replaced briefly by D. H. Peligro, former Dead Kennedys drummer, before the band found a permanent replacement in Chad Smith, while Slovak was replaced by up-and-coming guitarist Frusciante. This lineup recorded the band's fourth and fifth albums, Mother's Milk (1989) and Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991).

Blood Sugar Sex Magik was a critical success and sold over twelve million copies. However, Frusciante grew increasingly uncomfortable with the band's success and left the band abruptly in 1992. Kiedis, Flea, and Smith employed Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction for their subsequent album, One Hot Minute (1995). It failed, however, to match the critical acclaim of Blood Sugar Sex Magik and sold fewer than half the copies of its predecessor. Shortly afterwards, Navarro was fired from the band due to creative differences.

Frusciante, while absent from the band, developed a severe drug addiction. In 1998, he completed rehabilitation and, at Flea's request, rejoined the band. The reunited foursome returned to the studio to record Californication (1999), which went on to sell fifteen million units worldwide, becoming their most successful album to date. It was followed three years later with By the Way (2002), which continued their success. In 2006, the group released the double album Stadium Arcadium. The band has won six Grammy Awards.

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